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We make flying safe

Our seals will withstand the wide range of conditions that will occur during normal operations including temperature extremes, high speeds and strong vibration.

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Manufacturing Industries

Whether be it a centrifuge, compressor or pump Steinseal effectively prevents leakage of hazardous gases and liquids under pressure escaping into the environment.

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We care Marine life

We have a proven reliability in marine applications, steam and gas turbines, gearboxes and main propeller shafts. Our products can withstand harsh conditions of marine environments.

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We provide commitment

Our products meets critical requirements of reliability & safety in nuclear industry. Our experience in handling affects on seal performance and life are within regulatory and technical parameters.

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    Power Generation

We power the grids

We have designed seals that virtually eliminates leakage and shaft rub damage. This has resulted in significant increase of operating efficiency while reducing maintenance cost, efforts and time.

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We improve Process

Integrity of seal while equipment is constantly tuned for different speeds, is our specialty. These seals operate at high temperature & speed, with low wear environment that are corrosive, volatile or flammable.